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Programming Philosophy

What makes good programmers or code? In programming, structure is very important not just for yourself but for other that may have to read your code. Also include comments wherever you fell is important to inform other people what certain blocks of code do and to mark out pieces of code that are unfinished or broken. To be a good programmer, you must makes sure that your code is good and that you do not take easy ways to finish a project and if you notice a bug or any other problems in a program be sure to fix it and not to just pretend that it is not there. Another important skill to have is good debugging skills. Debugging consists of carefully inspecting the code and looking for possible issues if the program is not working as expected.

As a good programmer, you need to be willing to learn. Learning new languages and newer versions of languages is very important to keep up in the programming industry. Also, you should have great problem solving skills. In programming, problems are likely to show up so you will need to plan on how to fix them and not give up. A good programmer thrives on finding a way for something to work even if it may seem very difficult. Another great skill of a programmer is surprising, but being lazy is actually a great trait to have. If you need something fixing in a quick and efficient way, just ask a lazy programmer.

Programming requires passion for your work. To be a top shelf candidate for a programming company, you should love programming and be willing to put in extra hours and be dedicated to coding even outside of work for fun. To be a programmer, you need to be graceful under fire. To people who are not programmers, programming may not seem like a stressful position, but it is stressful. When a deadline is approaching and you can’t seem to get a program working, you may freeze up, but you need to breathe and handle the stress and figure it out. This is another area where problem solving comes in as a great tool.

A great way to be a great programmer is willingness to research. Research can come in handy when you are stuck on something, most likely someone else has had the same problem at some point in time and a solution has been found within the programming community. When programming, you can recycle code for more efficient work. Why create new code for something that was already created to just waste time and money? Being a good programmer requires the ability to plan, you should never jump straight into a project, but you should sit down and draw out what the desired end product should be so that it is easier for you to create and can take considerably less time.

A very important trait for being a good programmer and creating good code is to respect and pay attention to deadlines. If you are late for a deadline a customer may not come back to you or recommend you to another potential customer. Also if you are late for a deadline you most likely were not working on the project when you were supposed to which means as the deadline was approaching you just threw together some code which most likely is not satisfactory and a customer will not be happy. To be a programmer, you can’t be antisocial, very rarely do programmers work alone. Programmers work in groups on projects so if you are not a people person, you may run into some problems. Also you must be able to handle failure. As a programmer you are certain to fail, you will not get everything correct and working on the first try. You should not look at failure as defeat, but you should look at it as a challenge and you should be persistent at overcoming these challenges.

Being a good programmer and having the ability to write good code comes with a lot of important traits. If you are missing some of the traits listed above, that you may not make a good candidate for a good programmer and you may not get hired. To be a good programmer, make sure you have good code structure and organization, willingness to learn, have passion for your work, know how-to relax and not stress and freeze up, be willing to learn new languages and updates, be willing to research, know how and when to recycle code, be respectful of deadlines, don’t be antisocial, and be able to handle failure and not see it as defeat. It is very crucial to have these traits if you see yourself as being a programmer, or else people may not want to be on your team for a project, customers may not come back to you for business or recommend you to other people, and companies may not want to hire you or they may even let you go. Keep these traits in mind and you will be an uber programmer and will not have a problem landing and keeping a job.